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Facebook Marketplace for Buy And Sell – Marketplace Facebook is a platform on Facebook that allows people advertise and sell their products, apart from the sellers on marketplace Facebook, other people also come in to buy. Facebook marketplace is just like the local marketplace, it cannot be functional if you have only the sellers or only the buyers, they must both be present in the marketplace for it to be a functional marketplace. Marketplace buy-sell allows you to sell or buy to the people in your location.

On marketplace Facebook, you can choose to sell or buy from someone in your location or someone far away, as long as you have the money to cover for delivery. When you use the market place buy sell you will only be able to sell to people in your location or buy from people in your location. Marketplace Facebook does not collect any charges for using the marketplace.

How to Use Facebook Marketplace for Buy And Sell

Marketplace gives you the ability to buy from people in your immediate surrounding by buying locally, you can know how to buy on Facebook marketplace locally by following the steps below.

1.Ensure your device connection to the internet
2.Use the Facebook web or launch Facebook app
4.Tap the marketplace icon to access FB marketplace
5.Use the search bar to search for the item you want to purchase and input near me beside it, for example, wrist watches near me.
6.Open the product page and click on ask for details

After the following steps you will be able to chat with the seller and know more details about the item you want to buy.

How To Sell Locally On Facebook Marketplace

You can sell locally or globally on Facebook marketplace, it is a matter of choice, selling locally involves using marketplace Facebook buy sell. The following are steps on how to sell locally on Facebook marketplace

1.Open Facebook
2.Login to your account to access the marketplace
3.Click on the marketplace icon to open Facebook marketplace
4.Click on sell
5.Click on what are you listing
6.Provide all necessary information needed
7.Put your item into a category
8.State your location and confirm it
9.Add a photo for your item and post it

When a seller sees a item you are selling and he’s interested in it, the seller will chat you up to ask for more details about the item. Hope this was helpful? Ever used Marketplace? Share your experience with us and also make your comments using the comment section below. Also share this on your social media for friends to see and get enlightened.

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